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Possible applications of

Video communication.

Videos have become indispensable in corporate communications.

They capture attention, convey information effectively and increase reach. Videos can present complex issues in an appealing and memorable way. They are also cost-effective and their success can be measured.

Companies that rely on video communication benefit from effective and modern communication that motivates employees and strengthens customer loyalty.

Live video in corporate communication.


Nowadays, video is indispensable for corporate communication. It offers numerous opportunities for direct, emotional and authentic interactions with employees, partners, customers, interested parties and the public.



Our formats:
  • Townhall Meetings: Inform your employees authentically and interactively with updates directly from the management. Promote an open and transparent corporate culture.


  • Press conferences: Provide the public with up-to-date and relevant information – direct, immediate and credible.


  • Round tables and discussion panels: Experience inspiring knowledge transfer and a lively exchange of experiences. Promote innovation and increase motivation.


  • CEO branding: Position your managers visibly, approachably and credibly for an emotional and trusting approach.


Experience the power of moving image communication and create lasting connections with your target groups.


Human Resources
effective personnel strategies with moving images.


Rely on modern and dynamic approaches in the HR department and use moving images to take your HR strategies to the next level. Our formats offer numerous opportunities to present your company as an attractive employer, attract talent and provide further training for existing employees.

Our HR-formats:
  • Employer Branding: Strengthen your corporate image and make yourself visible as an attractive employer. Tell your story and show what makes your company special.


  • Recruiting-Events: Organize exciting and informative events to attract qualified candidates. Use the power of moving images to impressively present your corporate culture and open positions.


  • Job- and Company presentations: Inform potential employees and partners about your company. Use videos to authentically present your mission, vision and values.


  • Training end further education: Promote the growth and development of your employees through customized live training, videos and training courses. This keeps your teams up to date at all times.


  • Hybrid-Workshops: Combine the advantages of online and face-to-face events. Offer flexible workshop formats that can be attended both on site and digitally live.


Experience how moving images can modernize the communication of your HR strategy and make it more authentic and appealing.

Innovative marketing
and successful Sales with videos.


Use the power of the video to optimize your marketing and sales strategies. Our formats offer the opportunity to present your brand effectively, inspire customers and train your sales team.

Our marketing and sales formats:
  • Marketing- and customer events: Organize impressive live events to strengthen your brand and attract customers. Use interactive livestreaming events to create unforgettable experiences and showcase your products and services.


  • Social Media Campaigns: Increase your reach and interaction on social platforms. Develop creative and engaging video content that speaks directly to your target audience and motivates them to take action.


  • Info events and partner shows: Organize informative events to inform your partners and customers about news and developments. Present your innovations and strengthen collaboration.


  • Sales-Trainings: Train your sales team with customized live training and videos. Teach key sales strategies and techniques to maximize your team’s success.


Experience how moving images and live streaming can revolutionize your marketing and sales activities. Create impressive experiences and achieve lasting success.

Modern IT solutions
for effective video communication.


Rely on advanced IT solutions to optimally support your video communication. Our technologies offer you the reliability, security and performance you need to distribute your content efficiently and securely.

Our IT solutions:
    • Video-Platform: Use our robust video platform to centrally manage and distribute your content. Benefit from a user-friendly interface and comprehensive analysis options.


    • Soft- and Hardware-Encoder: Choose from a variety of software and hardware encoders to process your videos in the highest quality. Optimize your streams for different platforms and devices.


    • Inhouse-Studios: Set up professional in-house studios to produce high-quality live streams and videos directly on location. Use the latest technology and equipment for your recordings.


    • Security & Compliance: Protect your content with our comprehensive security and compliance solutions. Ensure compliance with data protection regulations and secure your data against unauthorized access.


    • Distribution-Network, eCDN, Caching: Optimize the distribution of your videos with our powerful distribution network, eCDN and caching solutions. Reduce latency and ensure high availability of your content.


    • VPN Split Tunneling & Redirection: Use VPN split tunneling and redirection to efficiently manage your network resources and optimize data traffic. Increase the security and performance of your connections.


    • Peer-to-Peer: Rely on peer-to-peer technologies to reduce the load on your networks and enable scalable distribution of your content. Benefit from a decentralized and efficient network structure.


    Experience how our IT solutions can revolutionize your video communication. Ensure smooth, secure and high-performance distribution of your content.


Hybrid meetings and events

Hybrid meetings and events combine the best of both worlds – face-to-face and remote – and offer you a wide range of benefits.

Corporate Video

Benefit from the numerous advantages and rely on a medium that communicates your messages effectively and sustainably.

Remote Production

Rely on remote production and carry out professional productions completely remotely – efficiently, flexibly and sustainably.

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